My Tribute to Larry “DAD” Ingram

On November 17th 2007,after a hard fought battle against aggressive forms of cancer, My Father-in -law, Lawrence "Larry" Ingram, was called home to be with the Lord. My memories of Larry will always be of a shooting, fishing, Bears football, Nascar buddy, who was always ready with a joke or a funny story. He loved all his Grand Children and Great grand Children. He was an excellent welder and even taught my son to weld, he had the skills to fix or make almost anything! He was a proud operating engineer and union member for more than 41 years. He loved His Wife Eloise, his Son Jeff, and his Daughters Lori, Dawn and Cheryl very much!  He loved his stock car races, even raced a few himself, not to mention the ones he built or helped to build. He was a combat aircraft collector, he loved going to the air shows and collecting models. He was a real coin collector, and would have all the grand babies wide eyed at the pennies in sheets, all shinny and flashy. A painter and cartoonist, he made a few of his own car models, very cool car designs! He showed me, a lousy bowler, some great tips to help me pick up spares on league night and bowl a decent 10 frames. He was the most honest man I have ever met, and one of the strongest. He used to drive me to work every morning when I was in the army. He would have to get up earlier than he would normally have to, and we would all have coffee before he had to drop me off at the Rock Island Arsenal, and the way he was honored to get out of his truck and take off his hat and cover his heart for
Reveille as I saluted, He was a true Patriot. He PROUDLY SUPPORTED OUR TROOPS! He Gave away his daughter to me over 21 years ago(she was a real steal), He WAS my Dad for the last 21 years, and I cannot put into words the crushing pain I feel from his passing. I WILL see Dad again, and until that day, I know they are rejoicing in Heaven for the great guy The Lord has brought home to do good works. I will see you when its my turn on the slide.

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One Response to My Tribute to Larry “DAD” Ingram

  1. Steve says:

    Hey Bull,
    My sincere condolences to you and your family for your loss. Very nice tribute you wrote here.
    Steve aka "Martin" 

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