July Through October, Catch-up time on the old blog !

I have really slacked on my blog, so i will try to catch up to the photos,  I will add and update and it will look better

We had a great 4th family BBQ / cookout. The whole family got together for some good food and fireworks in Milan, Illinois. You can imagine in this day and age just how tough it is to get everybody together, but somehow my mother-in-law and wife got it done. It was quite the spread too, I must say! the fireworks show was also great, I recorded them on my cellphone, I should have used my camera, but didn’t think of it till after they started. oh well, maybe next year! the video is on my SkyDrive and I think on this page as well. HAPPY 4th AMERICA !

Michael and Tgin answered an open call for the remake of The Children of The Corn. They had to submit a head shot and regular action photo. This should be a real fun time for them.
Nicholas is now the proud papa of a new AK-47. he had been saving and was able to finally get it. In Illinois we have very oppressive gun control laws, you must have a FOID ( Firearms Owner IDentification) card to own, posses and purchase, as well as be approved by the NICS background check that is performed before any purchase. A second amendment card if you will ! I hope they never try a first amendment card or any other "rights" cards !

We had a GREAT time this year at Niabi Zoo for The XPAC Family Appreciation Day. Many animals and new exhibits. I will be putting links for their fundraisers and other support links on my web page in the future.

My Friends and other page visitors, it is my pleasure to announce the marriage of my oldest Son Victor to His Sweetheart Jane Nichole on August 30, 2008 ! It was a great wedding ! They were married on our ( my wife and mine) anniversary, in the very same Church we were married in 22 years earlier !! VERY COOL!!! No talk of children, they are young and are happy with the way things are in their lives. We couldn’t be happier for them !!!

My Son Nicholas’ dogs Dante and Jezebel had a litter of puppies (six). They are beautiful and very well behaved pit-bulls. My Wife and I will be taking two home in about 5 weeks and my youngest son will be taking
one home himself. They are very good looking dogs ! We can’t wait !

We brought home our two puppies, boy and girl,  Butters and Daisy Mae this month. they will get their shots and chips in a few weeks, at about seven to nine weeks. They are very cute. My Son Michael also brought home his little girl, Waggin, she is a very cute little bit !

This Year My Wife and I were invited to Greg and Jennifer Ruggles’ annual Halloween party. WHAT A BLAST !!! It was held at another Friends bar, Mulligan’s Bar in Coal Valley, Illinois. THEY KNOW HOW TO PARTY !! The party was catered by a super restaurant The Thunder Bay Grill. I have pictures of the party and the spread, both were far above par!!! We partied, boogied down and even kareoke’d till early the next morning ! Great Hosts at a great bar, catered by a kick-butt restaurant, all TOP NOTCH !! I can’t say enough about the whole thing,  it was great !

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