November 14, Waggin’s Troubles !

Friday November 14 brought my Sons little girl puppy Waggin to us crying from pain. We took her to the Vet, and He gave Her an x-ray and antihistamine/steroid shot. Saturday morning she was vomiting and crying from a tender belly, also her eye, face and body was swelling with a sort of hives. The Vet took an other x-ray and it showed a large mass in her belly, DX was an obstuction. We took her to a local Vet Surgeon and They checked Her bowels and found no blockage. They did however find swollen lympnoids and possible cancer of her lympnoids. They biopsied them and sent for testing at the university. She recouperated at the local animal emergeny center and Sunday morning was ready to come home. She has to wear a cone/collar, but seems to be fully on the mend, and onrey as she could be. We are very relieved !
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One Response to November 14, Waggin’s Troubles !

  1. jimmy says:

    sorry to hear bout the dog but how you been randice

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